25 OST Drama Korea Terbaru 2013

25 Ost Drama Korea terbaru 2013 :

1.  Yisabel - My Eden [Gu Family Book OST]
2.   Lee Sang Gon - My love is Hurt [Gu Family Book OST]
3.   Lim Jae Beum - Sorrow Song [Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST]
4.   Baek ah yeon- Introduction to love [When a Man Falls in Love]
5.   TAHITI - Molla Molla [You're The Best Lee Soon Shin OST]
6.   Lee Ji hye - Nine Scent (Nine : 9 Times Time Travel OST)
7.   IU - AION Soundtrack (Atreia)
8.   Taeyeon - And One (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST)
9.   Yesung - Gray Paper (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST)
10. Davichi - Don't You Know (IRIS 2 OST)
11. B2ST - Black Paradise (Iris 2 OST)
12. E.D.E.N. - Never Cry (Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek)
13. Jang Jae In - On Days For You (Incarnation Of Money OST)
14. 2PM Junho &Taecyeon- The way to you (7th Grade Civil Servant)
15. LED Apple - I'll Be There For You (7th Grade Civil Servant ost.)
16. Ailee - Ice Flower (Queen Of Ambition OST)
17. Fat Cat - Tears Rain (Queen Of Ambition OST)
18. Lee Jung - Wish It Was You (Flower Boy Next Door OST)
19. J Rabbit - Talkin About Love (Flower Boy Next Door OST)
20. Kim Bo Kyung - Don't Think You Are (School 2013 OST)
21. Yesung - Blind In Love (The King of Dramas OST)
22. Wax - Tears Are Falling ([I Miss You OST)
23. So Hyang - Only One Thing (Horse Doctor OST)
24. Kyuhyun - Just Once (OST The Great Seer)
25. Gyuri (KARA) - Breaking Fate (The Great Seer OST)
Copas?? jangan lupa cantumin creditnya^^

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